Do I need a physician prescription to start physical therapy?

NO! Under California Direct Access AB 1000, you can see a physical therapist directly, without having to see a referring physician first.  No physician diagnosis or prescription is needed to initiate physical therapy.

Do you accept medical insurance?

FIT PARSONS does not accept medical insurance but will give you, at your request, a “Super Bill” so you can get reimbursed by your health plan or have costs applied toward your deductible & out of pocket maximum. Most health plans have a deductible, requiring you to pay out of pocket before insurance will pay, whether or not you are using an in or out-of network provider.

Some insurances require authorization prior to, and throughout your course of care.  Furthermore, most health plans do not cover your return to sport or anything beyond basic daily activities, nor skilled treatment beyond your allowable visit limit, despite medical necessity.  This is where FIT PARSONS comes in, to help you initiate treatment without waiting for authorization and to bridge the gap in care that is not allowed or covered by insurance. Either way, FIT PARSONS is here to help you move your best in a timely and efficient manner.



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